Ransom is on the left walking with Jac

Farm Name:  Ransom       Registered Name: Elkview Ransom 25957 CAN    Hands: 17.3

Sire: Starlight Diamond Cheif 22742 CAN      Dam: Elkview Dana 2nd 31896 CAN      Foaled: 5/12/2000

Murphy at the 2014 World Percheron Congress

Farm Name:  Murphy       Registered Name: CedarFarm Murphy    Hands: 18.1

Sire: Sterling's Silver      Dam: Pine Island Dena      Foaled: 4/15/2001

King is the swing horse in this picture - work out from Sept. 2014

Farm Name:  King       Registered Name: Silver Dollar King    Hands: 18.1

Sire: Windermere King Cong      Dam: Misty Valley Martina       Foaled: 2/20/2006

2014 World Percheron Congress 4-Abreast - Ike is the first of the 4

2014 Cobleskill, NY fair in July.

Farm Name:  Ike       Registered Name: YF Isaih   Hands: 18.2

Sire: I D.'s Prince Legacy        Dam: Yoder Farm's Farrah       Foaled: 2/9/2009

Farm Name:  Chad       Registered Name: Soap Creek King Cole    Hands:18

Sire: Pleasant View King        Dam: White Pines Diamond Chip       Foaled: 1/24/2009

We have several of our gelding hitch horses for sale from our smallest at 17.2 hands to our largest at 18.2 hands.  All of our horses are broke not only for being in a hitch, but to also work around the farm doing various jobs including field work plowing, mowing & raking hay, pulling wagons, and attending public events such as parades, fairs, and weddings.  None of horses are broke to ride, but could be retrained as they all have a great willingness to learn and to please the people that they are working for. If you are interested in any of our horses, please contact us via email, jkpercherons@gmail.com, or at 315-224-0293 between the hours of 9am to 9pm EST.

For Sale